Color Palette

baltera jewelry nyc osiris color palette

Ancient Egyptian artists had at their disposal 6 main color groups: green, red, blue, yellow, white and black. The symbolic significance of color in Egyptian society required us to create a palette of rich enamel hues that could convey their traditional meaning.

Our Gold, OSIRIS PALLETE represents the strongest, truest, and most traditional meaning of the colors.

With our STERLING SILVER PALLETE we took each color and deconstructed their meaning into modern hues.

baltera jewelry nyc osiris color palette

Black baltera jewelry nyc black swatch
Black was a symbol of death and of the night. Osiris, the sovereign of the afterlife, was called “the black one,” alluding not only to his role in the underworld, but also to his resurrection after he was murdered.

Blood baltera jewelry nyc blood swatch
Red was a powerful color because of its association with blood, in particular the protective power of the blood of Isis, wife of Osiris.

Sky baltera jewelry nyc sky swatch
Sky blue for the color of the heavens and hence the universe.

Tyrian baltera jewelry nyc tyrian swatch
The Egyptian queen Cleopatra loved purple. To obtain one ounce of Tyrian purple dye, she had her servants soak 20,000 Purpura snails for 10 days.

Papyrus baltera jewelry nyc papyrus swatch
The word Wadj (green) means “to flourish” or “to be healthy.” The color green represented vegetation, new life and fertility. Earth and fertility gods such as Geb & Osiris were often depicted with green skin, indicating their power to encourage the growth of vegetation. However, the ancient Egyptians recognized the cycle of growth and decay and so green was also associated with death and the power of resurrection.

Flame baltera jewelry nyc flame swatch
Red was also linked with the fiery aspect of the sun and the goddess Sekhmet, “Lady of the Flame.”

Lapis baltera jewelry nyc lapis swatch
Blue was symbolic of the sky and of water. We created Lapis for the beautiful shades of Lapis lazuli.

Mauve baltera jewelry nyc mauve swatch
William Henry Perkin discovered synthetic purple and At first he called it Tyrian Purple as the original, ancient color was known. But to make it sound more fashionable, he renamed it mauve.

Sun baltera jewelry nyc sun swatch
In ancient Egypt yellow (khenet, kenit) represented that which was eternal and indestructible, and was closely associated with gold (nebu or nebw) and the sun.

White baltera jewelry nyc white swatch
In ancient Egyptian art, white represented purity and omnipotence.

Egyptian Blue baltera jewelry nyc black swatch
Egyptian blue was inspired by the prized pigment (irtyu) which would darken greatly with age and symbolized fertility and good luck.

Size Guide

You can use this chart to help find your ring size. Use a piece of paper to measure the circumference of your finger, carefully mark where the ends meet and then straighten against a ruler to measure the length in millimeters (mm). If you are in between sizes we recommend sizing up. Our rings can be custom ordered in whole, half and quarter sizes. Please note: certain sizes may affect the price. For information & pricing about custom sizing and sizes smaller or larger than listed on this chart, please contact us. If you are unsure of your ring size, we recommend that you visit a local jeweler to have your finger sized.

Women’s Ring Sizes
2 ½ 42.9 mm
3 44.2 mm
3 ½ 45.5 mm
4 46.8 mm
4 ½ 48 mm
5 49.3 mm
5 ½ 50.6 mm
6 51.9 mm
6 ½ 53.1 mm
7 54.4 mm
7 ½ 55.7 mm
8 57 mm
8 ½ 58.3 mm
9 59.5 mm
9 ½ 60.8 mm
10 62.1 mm
Men’s Ring Sizes
8 57 mm
8 ½ 58.3 mm
9 59.5 mm
9 ½ 60.8 mm
10 62.1 mm
10 ½ 63.4 mm
11 64.6 mm
11 ½ 65.9 mm
12 67.2 mm
12 ½ 68.5 mm
13 69.7 mm
13 ½ 71 mm
14 72.3 mm

Please note that these ring size charts are for reference only.

Use the Cuff Sizer provided below or a tape measure.


Cut out the paper Cuff Sizer and follow these instructions:

Make sure the numbers are on the outside of the paper Cuff Sizer and insert the pointed end through the opening slit you have cut at the other end of the Cuff Sizer indicated by the (cut here). Place your hand through the Cuff Sizer and pull the pointed end until it fits comfortably on your wrist. The number that lines up with the edge of the opening is your wrist size.

To ensure the cuff fits comfortably please add 1.5 cm. Add or subtract cm's for a tighter or looser fit if preferred.

Be sure to print Cuff Sizer provided here with "no scaling" at 100% on standard letter (8.5" x 11") paper.

Cuff Sizes

Our cuffs can be custom ordered in additional sizes. For information & pricing about custom sizing please contact us. If you are unsure of your cuff size, we recommend that you visit a local jeweler to have your wrist sized.