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The inspiration for the Osiris line came while researching braids at the Metropolitan Museum, specifically from the Sarcophagus of Harkhebit, a masterpiece of Egyptian hard-stone carving. False beards like this were worn by the typically clean shaven Egyptian pharaohs in order to link themselves to Osiris, the god of the afterlife and rebirth, in hopes of appropriating his power and authority. The practice crossed genders with many female pharaohs donning these elaborately braided beards. The minimalistic yet striking geometry is the template for our modern interpretation of this timeless design and is highlighted in our OSIRIS STIX earrings.

The OSIRIS STUD is our mini interpretation of this form.

We can’t promise you’ll appropriate any of Osiris’ authority or power, but we’re not willing to rule it out either.

Size Guide

You can use this chart to help find your ring size. Use a piece of paper to measure the circumference of your finger, carefully mark where the ends meet and then straighten against a ruler to measure the length in millimeters (mm). If you are in between sizes we recommend sizing up. Our rings can be custom ordered in whole, half and quarter sizes. Please note: certain sizes may affect the price. For information & pricing about custom sizing and sizes smaller or larger than listed on this chart, please contact us. If you are unsure of your ring size, we recommend that you visit a local jeweler to have your finger sized.

Women’s Ring Sizes
2 ½ 42.9 mm
3 44.2 mm
3 ½ 45.5 mm
4 46.8 mm
4 ½ 48 mm
5 49.3 mm
5 ½ 50.6 mm
6 51.9 mm
6 ½ 53.1 mm
7 54.4 mm
7 ½ 55.7 mm
8 57 mm
8 ½ 58.3 mm
9 59.5 mm
9 ½ 60.8 mm
10 62.1 mm
Men’s Ring Sizes
8 57 mm
8 ½ 58.3 mm
9 59.5 mm
9 ½ 60.8 mm
10 62.1 mm
10 ½ 63.4 mm
11 64.6 mm
11 ½ 65.9 mm
12 67.2 mm
12 ½ 68.5 mm
13 69.7 mm
13 ½ 71 mm
14 72.3 mm

Please note that these ring size charts are for reference only.

BALTERA cannot be held liable for any errors that occur as a result of using this chart.